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In context of HUFAK Offspace


Zahra Shahabi


In the spirit of the season and an opportunity to challenge and open discourse about the nature of our work in Art & Science, I decided to participate in the Christmas market that took place in the HUFAK Offspace at the Angewandte . Using our collective resources and project by-products from Art & Science, we were seen printing textiles on location, for sale. The print designs are produces by our group. Visitors were offered the opportunity to customize the colour and textiles of prints made available to them such as t-shirts, sweaters and bags.


In the interest of being eco-friendly and charitable, instead of buying large quantities of merchandise wholesale, I was sourcing goods from multiple charity bodies and donations in Vienna. The design, set-up and sales techniques are intrinsically rudimentary, and celebrated. The aim was to cover our expenses, have fun in the process of making marginal profit where possible, while showcasing private a workshop interest and discipline in a public convention.


A project by Zahra Shahabi. Realization with: Alin Cirstea, Ashley Holwell, Slawomir Bobola, Matéusz Kula, Solmaz Farhang, Sebastian Grande, David Palme, Václav Peloušek, Moritz Resl, Julia Rublow See also:


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December 16, 2011