(C) Daniela Brill. Particle Canticle (in progress), 2017. Photograph: Brishty Alam



Exhibition final pre-presentations
All exhibition participant presented their works as it would be at the exhibition - do you have all cables / does your video codec work on the media player,… / does the sound work with the media player/ is it loud enough… / how do you mount the monitors to the wall (beamers + aufhängung will be provided by das weisse haus).

Presentations by:
  • Golnaz Bashiri
  • Rosie Benn-Squire & Johanna Folkmann
  • Daniela Brill 
  • Athanasios Gramosis &Frederique Neuts Leroy 
  • Rafael Lippuner
  • Marko Markovic,
  • Lala Nomada
  • Marina Rebhandl
  • Denise Schellmann 
  • Andrea Vezga 

Fact Box

May 23, 2017, 09:30h