(c) Photography Mauricio Saurez Ramos.


Visit To The Radiology Department

Excursion to AKH Radiology

After a little bit of confusion everyone arrived. We met at the entrance of AKH, then we entered the city within the city. We passed some bigger spaces and found the room for the meeting. Dr Franz Kainberger and Dr Andrea Maier were very welcoming. First some 3D renders of the skeleton of a patient were shown, the model was generated with a specific software from the CT scan of the body. Our hosts described the visible damages on the ribs and also gave an idea of how they analyse the recorded images, how the different pictures are giving different perspectives to help find new information.
    After that Dr Maier also gave a short presentation of radiology itself, the building, and listed the different image taking processes and machines they use in the department. She introduced us to 3D virtual colonoscopy, and showed a video of a Colon Fly Through.
   We were then invited to a tour, Dr Maier showed us the machinery. The neon lights and the narrow corridors built a labyrinth, connecting the rooms where the magic happens. Each machine is separated in its own room. We were able to see MRI, CT, X-ray and Fluoroscopy machines, most of them in process. The last room was a practising room for students to use ultrasound machines, Dr Maier presented how the equipment works, and checked the thyroid gland of two students.

By taking us to behind the scenes, we had the opportunity get an insight that we otherwise couldn't have had.

Fact Box

October 11, 2017
Radiology Department AKH