Photography: Rafael Lippuner 2017 (c).

In the Woods | Excursion

Institute of Wood Technology and Renewable Materials, BOKU | Multidragonism

We begun with an Introduction by Prof. Gindl-Altmutter, who touched on some of the latest projects and technology of the department; bio based fibre materials, functionalised wood and competition wood vs. polymers. Micheal Grabner then shared his research projects based around the making of 'Werk Holz', including a pedagogical group research approach and experimental archeology; retracing the smaller, disapearing tree species and their special uses for wood technology and biodiversity, as well as using film to archive traditional techniques such as working with Schiefer Schindel. 

We were then given a tour through the institute and it's various workshops, where we could ask questions and hold discussions in relation to the tools, materials and practises, the tour was finished by a treat visit to what felt like the curiosity cabinet room of wood- Grabners office, where we saw extracts of timbre from Roman buildings, and a sort of wall of fame of tree trunks. 

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In the Woods | Excursion
December 04, 2017, 11:00h