Photography: Brishty Alam, 2017 (c).


Midsemester presentations, second years

Fredie: presents application for "Our Place in Space"
- Up date of master of the universe version 2
- New software
- Narrative concept: Newtown, Gallileo, questioning origins of knowlege - expansion of Cern project
- Use of the hubbel telescope footage for visualisation background of the game master of the universe 2
Andrea: performative biofacts
- Immortality, transhumanism, singularity
- Human-cyborg technologies influence on identity
- Body upgrade and functionality
- Ethics
- Human-machine interaction
- Posthuman
- Questioning subjectivity vs. objectivity
Lala: Happy birthday Lala
- Master thesis discussion
- Performative installation and text
- Similarity between molecular systems of elements and human systems
- Genetics
- Ludwik Fleck: "denkstil"
- Reality and/or truth
- Depends directly to the thinking as site specific
- Perspectivism = different perspectives - different understandings
- Installation- the microscope as a mirror (dark room in the dark room )
- Symbols of the alchemists
- Thesis text: semi-fiction: actual theories and systems-old theories and systems- own interpretations
Rosie: Space in Social Space
- Lefebre's Sociology of space
- Long term project with people in a situation of refugee
- Science fiction as political and emancipative expression
Marko: Sound performance
- Encounter with Dimitri the tiger

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December 12, 2017, 09:30h