Photography: Brishty Alam, 2017 (c).


The Performative Biofact

Theoretical Background

  1. Biofact

Nicole C. Karafyllis

Biofakte - Versuch über den Menschen zwischen Artefakt und Lebewesen

A Biofact is a hybrid being to be created, semi-artificial and semi-natural, whose ontological status alternates between animate and inanimate.

  1. The Three A's of Performance Studies

Richard Schechner

Accomplishment - knowledge that comes from doing

Making of art and culture / creativity / embodiment / the work of imagination / participatory understanding

performing as a way of knowing

Analysis - knowledge that comes from contemplation and comparison

interpretation of art and culture / critique / performance as a metaphor or theoretical model for understanding culture

concentratet attention and contextualization as a way of knowing

Application - knowledge that is tested by practice within a community

activism / social contexts and articulations / action research

social commitment, collaboration and intervention as a way of knowing


  1. Pataphysics

Alfred Jarry

Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pathaphysician

Pataphysics is a branch of philosophy or science that examines imaginary phenomena that exist in a world beyond metaphysics; it is the science of imaginary solutions.


Hares Blood

Lucie Strecker & Klaus Spiess

Transfer of part of the genome from Joseph Beuy's multiple Hare's Blood into living cells. Reframing of the blood as the menstruation blood of a female hare. Auctioned at an event to support Pro-Choice at a time when politics under Donald Trump cut the funding.

Sherapy at the World Psychiatric Conference in Madrid

Lucie Strecker & Klaus Spiess & Ann Liv Young

Performance artist Ann Liv Youngs' alter-ego character Sherry performed Sherapy at the World Psychiatric Conference in Madrid in 2014. Confronting the professional therapists with her own version of 'Sherapy' including questions about sex and other personal things, the often hierarchical, aggressive manner of these questions is underlined while unveiling taboos associated with that sort of information.

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