Artwork: Jasmina Grudnik, 2017 (c).


Midsemester presentations | 1st years

In the first presentation Monica presented 'The great wall - three concepts for our place in space'. She is planning on cutouts of the universe, assembled in an installation which will show time distances.
In the second presentation Mark was questioning 'Trust' in a digitialized world. He named different companies such as Amazon (food delivery) or Alexa to give examples of our trust/dependency in them (the digital way) in comparison to our trust in people like friends (as the analogue way).
Sussa spoke about different ideas and projects. One connected to bodyhacking/facia lines. Her idea was to put together a sort of anatomy book with exercises. It would differ from other books connected to the topic because of the order and virtual reality would be a possibility to use it.
In her presentation Jasmina told about her planned film "Don Quichote", an animated film about finding a place where time does not exist anymore and all people can meet each other. She has made recordings of walks on her journeys but is not yet sure to use them.

Fact Box

November 28, 2017, 09:30h