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WORK OUT #1: Inside Out

Exhibition - first years students

The exhibition shows works which are elaborated at the interface of artistic practice and scientific research, as these works deal with the mutual relationship of inner worlds and outer worlds. Inspired by and connected to discourses within psychological, medical, philosophical and art historical theories, questions concerning the different layers of self-designing and the mechanics of outside-world constructions are addressed in dependency to a specific focus on contemporary information societies and the boosted impact of digital data on personal living circumstances.
Works by Johannes Frauenschuh, Jasmina Grudnik, Mauricio Suarez Ramos
Cooperation partner: Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Franz Kainberger and Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Andrea Maier (Medical University of Vienna)

WORK OUT #1-3:

A presentation of three group-shows on three different evenings by the first-year students of the Art & Science department of the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

WORK OUT, an analogy to both physical activity as well as the process of problem solving, is the culmination of our first year of studies. Much like a science-oriented laboratory, the studios of the Art & Science department are a place where different narratives and visualization strategies are explored. Impacted by diverse discourses reaching from astronomy to medicine, critical studies to logic, the shows feature the diverse artistic practices of painting, drawing, building and performing in relationship to scientific inquiry.
The series starts with the subjective gaze inside, continues with experiments about the objective true–false dichotomy, and ends with practices negotiating and building intersubjective truths. We invite those outside of our subjective circle to join us, as we put our work out.

PROTOCOL by Ivonne Gracia Murillo

Johannes introduced the exhibition as a research between inside and outside worlds and boundaries. Then individual presentations were given by Johannes Frauenschuh, Mauricio Suarez and Jasmina Grudnik.

Johannes Frauenschuh — Dispositive Molds

Johannes exhibited a mixture of paintings, everyday objects and photographs of slime molds he made. Paintings were made on paper and textile material. Drawing on Karl Marx’s critique of (pan)capitalistic system, Johannes illustrates the salability of everything, linking the slide mold’s fractal architecture with the spread of data in the digital era. Commenting on the role of global social media companies such as Google or Facebook, located in the birthplace of the hippie movement and the personal computing, he asks question regarding the effect of such technologies on the individual.

Mauricio Suarez — The Theater of Nature

Mauri presented a installation encompassing the entire room in a performative way, modifying the atmosphere by juxtaposing inside and outside. Earth worms were placed inside a model of the room, whilst the room was transformed into a model of the woods. He explored the relationship of the individual with this simulation, and he used an art-deco related aesthetics to build a metaphor about big data surrounding us and showing the interconnection between different kinds of data.

Jasmina Grudnik — Die Anamnese

Jasmina was inspired by medical Anamnesis, a personal health record, to approach strangers in the streets of Vienna and write in-site the output of an improvised interview always starting with the question “How are you?” and working along with the answers of the individuals to reformulate following questions. This was made without previous deep research on the matter, that was approach during a second phase, in which a professional made anamnesis on her, which she exposed on the room next to the papers produced during her interviews. On a third phase, she wrote one of the interviews in the streets next to Vienna’s Donaukanal, from the wall, through the floor in the direction of the river flow, and exhibited a video of the performance in the room.

Fact Box

WORK OUT #1: Inside Out
May 15, 2018, 18:00h
Art & Science studios on the top floor at Annex Hohenstaufengasse 9, 1010 Vienna