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BBMRI-ERIC | Collaboration partner indepth session I – Excursion to MedUni Wien Biobank

Jasjote introduced BBMRI-ERIC, which is a research infrastructure providing expertise and services in the field of biobanking and biomolecular research. An overview of the main stakeholders in biobanking was given, along with expertise and services offered by BBMRI-ERIC.
Helmuth Haslacher introduced biobanks, outlining why biobanks are needed. The focus of Helmuth’s presentation was on quality management, including what it entails and its importance in health research.  A summary was given of how quality within biobanking is managed, with reference to international standards and guidelines. Ways to standardize biobanks was also explained.
The session concluded with a guided visit to the MedUni Wien Biobank.

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October 09, 2018, 9:30h
BBMRI-ERIC on site