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Virgil Widrich on Film-making | Master Diploma preparatory work presentation

This roundtable comprised two parts:

1. Virgil Widrich on Film-making

Virgil presented his film "fast film". An animated collage made with parts of 2.000 VHS films from 50's - 60's and told  about the making-of and his experience in film-making.

Other short films were shown and discussed: "Home Stories" from Mathias Mühller and a special edition of "Of Oz the Wizard" in which the whole film was edited in alphabetic order as well as the experimental film "Piece Touchee" from Martin Arnold.

2. Master Diploma preparatory work

Andrea Vezga presented the current draft piece of her master diploma.

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November 27, 2018, 9:30h
Salzgries 14