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(c) Daniela Brill Estrada

Divine Dipsomania

Lecture by Daniela Brill Estrada at Roundtable (via Zoom)

The term Divine Dipsomania is used by Cecilia Payne (quoting Thomas Huxley) as scientists' obsessive pursuit for new knowledge in their fields.

In this lecture Art & Science Alumni Daniela Brill Estrada will talk about the creation of new knowledge and the obsessive pursuit for it out from her artistic perspective. She will propose a non-disciplinary approach to art and science, starting with research on the history of these disciplines and ending in a place where new knowledge only exists collaboratively, queer and empathetic.

On the way, she will introduce her master thesis The Nonessential Essential, an unnecessary poetical but possible new fundamental force in nature, written from a poetic perspective in collaboration with scientists at CERN, presenting also the challenges she faced on the way and the importance of collaborative work.

Lastly, she will give an introduction to Suratómica, an international, self-organized network of individuals, collectives, and organizations with a focus on the Global South that also embarked on one or many journeys of Divine Dipsomania, with the goal of creating more inclusive, non-binary and fair social, artistic and scientific structures.

This lecture will be helt via Zoom: 
Meeting ID: 946 6789 5262 Passcode: 269083

Daniela Brill Estrada was born in Bogotá, Colombia. She finished her Master’s degree in Art & Science at the University for Applied Arts Vienna, with her own hypothesis about a new fundamental force in nature written from an artistic and poetic perspective. Brill works in collaboration with artists, researchers, and scientists around the world and institutions such as CERN and the ORIGIN network. Through her artistic work, Brill proposes a space where the frontiers between natural sciences, poetry, and fine arts disappear through a collaborative, non-disciplinary, queer, and complex approach. Daniela is also the co-organizer of Suratómica, an international, self-organized network of individuals, collectives, and organizations that propagates scientific and artistic thought. With a focus on Latin America and the Global South, the Suratómica network promotes new forms of dialogue between different areas of knowledge, opening spaces for creation and experimentation to strengthen reflection on science, society, and alternative forms of organization.

Divine Dipsomania
November 24, 2020, 11:30h
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