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Master´s Projects Exhibitions

Winter semester 2020/21

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Meeting-ID: 975 9437 2653
Kenncode: 980684

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2020, Skulpturen, Installation
9:00–9:45 at Angewandte, Vordere Zollamtsstrasse 7, Flux 2, 2nd floor (Jury only); public via Zoom

Gesicht und Maske. Original und Kopie. Eine namenlose junge Frau, ertrunken im Fluss, und ein Maler, der auf Nimmerwiedersehen in seinem eigenen Bild verschwindet. Und was ist dieses „Selbst“, von dem alle ständig sprechen? Auf den Spuren verschiedener Geschichten aus Europa und China entfaltet Laura Stolls Arbeit eine mehrschichtige Erzählung zum Subjekt als primäre Entität westlichen Denkens und fragt, wie man sich von ihm und der aus ihm resultierenden Grenze des Denkbaren befreien kann.

Betreut von Univ.-Prof. Virgil Widrich

2020/21, live artistic practice
9:45–10:30 live on Radio Orange 94.0 and via Zoom und

“On the way to finding a contrasting, more human analogy to the widely used crowd models that flow through social science, I tried to dig deep into the sea and grasp the sponge and its sonic habitat. The first attempt was the simple German similarity between the Schwarm (crowd) and the Schwamm (sponge) that trapped my interest into these early metazoans, but their behavior reveals astonishing analogies to our social reality in the contemporary world. Not the dynamic fluid model of a swarm but the sponge and its versatile re-aggregates seems to create an appropriate analogy to human behavior. Like a picture puzzle that oscillates between the past and the present, reflecting stages of herd behaviour as well as individual decisions of gregarious mammals.”
A sonic essay on Functional Illustration presented live on Radio Orange 94.0 (Radio Helsinki 92.6 Graz area), and via video-conference-FMfeedback-loop. Get off-line to listen, get on-line to participate.

Betreut von Univ.-Prof. Virgil Widrich
Mit Dank an Sen.Lect. Dr. Bernd Kräftner

2020/21, Performance
10:30–11:15 at Angewandte, Vordere Zollamtsstrasse 7, Atrium (Jury only); public via Zoom

Marko Marković considers questions of social behaviors of collectives and individuals by relating them to the concept of Mutual Aid. Considering examples of self-organized, non-governed societies with autonomous methodologies as strategies of survival, solidarity, and self-sustainability, Marković works from the personal experience of non-aesthetic artistic presentations rather than social strategies used so as to have an impact on public space with performance, activism, community-based work and music. Referring to the philosophical directions of the anarchistic school of thought, Marković emphasizes the meaning of Mutual Aid in social movements from the 19th century till today. His research is focused on models of civil self-organized strategies in the time of the “new reality.” For his final work, Marković is presenting the concept of collective Ausländer as a tactic of social engagement.

Betreut von Univ.-Prof. Virgil Widrich
Mit Dank an Sen.Lect. Dr. Bernd Kräftner

Paula Andrea Flores Ramirez – I CAN BECOME A MOUNTAIN
Conversations with Huauhtli as a path to revive and develop individual communication abilities and learn from non-human entities
2020, Installation
12:30–13:15 at Jörgerstrasse 56–58, Stiege 2, Tür 3–5, 1170 Vienna (Jury only); public via Zoom

Thinking about you, about the possibilities with you. Ingesting you in many different ways and thinking of other new ways to do so. I ingest you through thought with the stories and words as carriers. Through the mouth so my microbiome interacts with you. To experience you in as many ways as possible, through dreams, sound, smell and all other that happens in the process as a way to renovate myself. To become something or someone that I don’t know yet, that maybe no one knows. You are my guide Huauhtli, one that I love, for you have opened a never ending universe that is non complying with the one I live in.

Betreut von Univ.-Prof. Virgil Widrich

(c) photo credit: Paula Flores, 2020, I can become a mountain, 2020, synthetic fur, bamboo, amaranth seeds, emergency blankets, balls, banana leaves, branches, thread, agave honey, amaranth flour, 250 × 200 cm

2020, Sculpture, Installation
13:15–14:00 at Jörgerstrasse 56–58, Stiege 2, Tür 3–5, 1170 Vienna (Jury only); public via Zoom

Trauma is not an event, story or memory. Trauma is of the body, and embedded in the body, in knees, hips, bellies and necks. It can change the very structure of our connective tissues and be passed down as embodied memory through generations. Trauma is the embodied experience of the non-linearity of time.
A proxy for my body, and reminiscent of religious  shrouds or grandmothers’ hands, colossal sheets of bacterial cellulose display multiple generations of their culture. Embroidery mirrors the thermodynamic nature of time and the pattern of my own rhythmic, soothing mark-making. Hair is crocheted into intricate, interlocking patterns in twisting strands echoing DNA’s double helix. Sound compositions create vibratory space to resonate in bodies while video documentation of material experiments become a performance of somatic rituals.

Betreut von Univ.-Prof. Virgil Widrich



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Master´s Projects Exhibitions
January 20, 2021
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