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White reflects sunlight - Fuck you albedo!

Art & Science students participating in group exhibition @ improper walls

..white reflects Sunlight.
Fuck you, Albedo! Earth without white. Dark. Warm. Hot. Too hot. At least for us.

Group exhibition: White reflects sunlight - Fuck you albedo!
Gallery: Improper Walls, Vienna, and online
Live streamed artist talk on 25/11

Albedo – the measure of how reflective a surface is, indicates why polar ice caps are essential for preserving the stability of Earth’s climate. Without their natural white color, there will be more exposure to darker areas, meaning more heat absorption, resulting in even faster melting. This creates the vicious cycle threatening the world as we know it. Worse, as experiments with artificial white proved to have very little impact on global temperatures, this became one of the tipping points that once reached, might cause irreversible changes in the whole system. Our system. International group exhibition White reflects Sunlight - Fuck you, Albedo! aims to shock and warn about the consequences of our behavior while asking questions and considering options to survive, even adapt at the same time. Through a variety of mediums, artists explore the current relationship between man and nature. Using digital technologies to give voice to silent phenomena, showcased artworks amplify the impact of the human race on natural ecosystems. Exploring the important information carried in plants and experimenting with symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeast, artists create possible alternatives to nowadays materials. In case the latest scientific approaches manage to successfully slow down climate change, this might reveal the way out of our unsustainable consumption of Earth’s resources and challenge our valuing system to its core. EXHIBITION: 18.11 - 23.12
.2020 as window exhibition and online (until we can open our door again) Through the years in her work, Paula Flores has explored her and our (as a whole) relationship with nature. As someone who was born and raised in an industrial city, the border city of Tijuana her ties with nature were controlled within the city landscape, the other ties were from unknown lands and times that she relived through her grandparents' stories of when they were young and the countless adventures at her grandparents' garden and ranch or other places in the area of Tecate where they would go for walks and hikes that allowed the artist to see other dimensions. 

Lindsey Nicholson is studying for an MA in Art and Science at the University of Applied Art in Vienna and is an Assistant Professor of Glaciology at the University of Innsbruck. Her artistic work is motivated by exploring uncomfortable dualities in experiences and choices related to societal developments around nature and technology. Her scientific research is focused on unraveling the connections between climate conditions and glaciers, and her scientific teaching on training students to be curious, confident, climate literate members of society.

Through her artwork, Paula Flores investigates the hierarchies that humans have created within the natural world, the concepts that we have created to dissect and categorize to our benefit all entities that makeup not just our physical world, but the whole cosmos. Trying to deep dive into developing our abilities of communication and the establishment of meaningful reciprocal relationships with other beings, other entities. Through the practice of painting, sculpture, installation, and performance and using a diversity of material from organic to inorganic and from “living to non-living”. The artist questions the limits that we have imposed on ourselves with the concepts that we have created and look for flexible ways to create new understandings and new ways of existing. 
Using rocks, branches, plants, bacteria, fungi as guides, storytellers of the history of the world and the symbiotic relationships that had to be established and kept in balance for the existence of what we know as nature Paula explores our understandings of who we are as humans out and inside of the natural world by applying the role of the mediator and inverting it in all ways possible to her. Pushing herself to leave the concepts and comfort of what it is to be either, or.

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White reflects sunlight - Fuck you albedo!
November 18, 2020