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Data Loam: Sometimes Hard | Usually Soft

Publication. J. Golding, M. Reinhart, Mattia Paganelli Eds.; De Gruyter, edition: Angewandte, 2021

Big data: A matter of art

"Data Loam: Sometimes Hard, Usually Soft. The Future of Knowledge Systems" is a landmark work. It details the wild proliferation of data and its profound methodological implications for arts and humanities, now enlivened by their ‘sticky cohesions’ with the knowledge systems of science, technology, engineering and maths. Vibrant and disruptive both as segment and infinite plane, the loam names a dynamic multiversal discourse, closer to a living, shape-shifting mesh. Its connections are self-organising complexities requiring the practical activities of distributed intelligences. We reclaim this as nothing less than art.

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Students from Art & Science department participated in this book project as well as the exhibition before.



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Data Loam: Sometimes Hard | Usually Soft
March 15, 2021