The objective of the Art & Science master’s degree programme is to investigate the relationships between different artistic and scientific representational cultures and their respective cognitive and research methods. An inter- and transdisciplinary approach and project-oriented education should stimulate interaction between model and theory construction, and the application of methods, particularly in the arts and sciences.

The master’s programme has in mind that many everyday topics in society are permeated by scientific knowledge, and that this can lead to controversial discussions. In part, these discussions link complex fields of knowledge and their respective specialised knowledge, and represent different contributions to the development of our society.

This is a point of convergence for the – quite often different – questions that art and science pose and where a creative crossroad emerges for finding or rejecting answers. This point of view involves the investigation (and the corresponding in-depth study) of social and political processes, and the relation, application, and development of artistic and scientific positions, methods, media, and organisations. Thus, it implies exploring a frequently controversial societal thematic space, where the disciplinary, scientific–artistic ivory tower is infiltrated, where students locate and investigate – and possibly generate themselves – more or less conspicuous sociotechnical ruptures in our society.

© Work by Laura Stoll, 2018. Photo: Peter Kainz