The two central subjects of the Art & Science curriculum are Project work (28 ECTS) and Transdisciplinarity (36 ECTS). Courses are predominantly compulsory. 10 ECTS are allocated for electives such as Artscience practises. The final part of the curriculum is the successful completion of the Master's project (46 ECTS).

Alongside the curriculum, an important part of learning is Extracurricular through the exchanges and initiatives the students & alumni organise themselves.

1st Semester   Type SH ECTS
PROJECT WORK (Virgil Widrich): Art & Science Project Work I PA 3 12
TRANSDISCIPLINARITY (Martin Reinhart): Experimental Studies I SE 2 4
TRANSDISCIPLINARITY (Martin Reinhart): Methods & Practices of Experimental Cultures VO 2 2
TRANSDISCIPLINARITY (Martin Reinhart): Transdisciplinarity & Representation I VU 3 6
TRANSDISCIPLINARITY: Any Praxis & Theory electives at the Angewandte (courses offered vary)
e.g: Artscience practises (2021: Margit Busch, Aurianne Chevandier), painting, printing, drawing, sculpture, video, sound, material technology (wood, metal, textiles, ceramics, paper), programming, computer graphics, science visualisation, electron microscopy, media arts, photography, art history, art theory, media theory, cultural studies, social sciences, philosophy, gender studies
Total ECTS 1st Semester:     30

2nd Semester Type SH ECTS
PROJECT WORK (Virgil Widrich): Art & Science Project Work II PA 3 16
TRANSDISCIPLINARITY (Martin Reinhart): Experimental Studies II SE 2 4
TRANSDISCIPLINARITY (Martin Reinhart): Applied Visualisation Cultures VO 2 2
TRANSDISCIPLINARITY (Martin Reinhart): Transdisciplinarity & Representation II VU 2 4
TRANSDISCIPLINARITY: Free Electives - Any courses at the Angewandte/at any other university (national & international)      4
Total ECTS 2nd Semester:     30
3rd Semester Type SH ECTS
MASTER'S PROJECT (Virgil Widrich): Master's Project Groundwork PA 3 20
TRANSDISCIPLINARITY (Martin Reinhart): Experimental Studies III SE 2 4
TRANSDISCIPLINARITY (Martin Reinhart): Art&Science Interdisciplinary Theory Seminar SE 2 6
Total ECTS 3rd Semester:     30
4th Semester Type SH ECTS
MASTER'S PROJECT (Virgil Widrich): Master's Project Exam     24
MASTER'S PROJECT: Master's Project Work Tutorial (Virgil Widrich: compulsory)/ Master Thesis Tutorial (Martin Reinhart: elective) KO 2 2
TRANSDISCIPLINARITY (Martin Reinhart): Experimental Studies IV SE 2 4
Total ECTS 4th Semester:     30
SH = Semester Hours, PA = Project Work, SE = Seminar, VO = Lecture, VU = Lecture with Exercises, KO = Tutorial
Art & Science curriculum: (English) / (German)