Visit of Manabu TASHIRO, M.D. Ph.D.

Molecular imaging

Manabu TASHIRO, M.D. Ph.D., from the Tohoku University, Japan, visited our "Art & Science" department on December, the first. Manabu Tashiro who is specialized in molecular imaging and its application to drug development, gave us an interesting insight during a meeting with Prof. Virgil Widrich and staff members of the department about his recent work.
 His research group carried out basic and clinical research on molecular PET imaging in humans. They measured the brain activities in order to clarify the brain mechanism for emotion and cognition. They have developed PET molecular  imaging techniques in order to examine the neurochemistry in humans. 
Manabu Tashiro was very interested in such interconnections between the arts and the sciences, not only at the visualization level, media, tools and technics, but also about all the potential relaying on collaborations. He explained to us that there are still no similar educational programmes at the universities in Japan and it might be of great interest to open new possibilities for students in this direction.


Tohoku University
Manabu TASHIRO at Tohoku University

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