Festival for Art, Technology and Society

Festival Ars Electronica 2012 is about "The Big Picture", different perspectives, the combination of art and science, the joint solutions for the challenges of the future.

On our excursion to the festival, we had the opportunity to have an overview on works displayed at several locations in Linz that transcends the boundaries of individual cultures, ideologies, specialized disciplines and habitual ways of doing things. "The big picture" could be read as well within the multilayered display as a composition of ideas and points of view, facing questions that are pointing out issues such as multiple authorship, contradictions, power and decision-making.


THE BIG PICTURE – New Concepts for a New World

Excerpt of the concept by Ars Electronica


“Ars Electronica 2012 is bringing together models that can serve as paragons and best-practice examples from art and science that offer inspirational demonstrations of how an open-minded way of looking at a larger whole not only reveals more of it but also brings totally new insights to light. How can a Big Picture of our times be composed and what strategies are conducive to being able to see and take it.”


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Interesting Links to specific works:

Moon Goose Analogue: Lunar Migration Bird Facility, Agnes Meyer-Brandis

Rear Window loop, A visual installation by Jeff Desom


Image: Ars Electronica