Artistic Research in the 21st Century

Lecture by Warren Neidich
Artists using their own histories, paradoxes, methodologies, errors and dispositifs mutate the conditions of the distributions of sensibility and insensibility in the real, imaginary and virtual world(s). As Jacques Ranciere has put it ‘they redistribute it.’ The question then arises what are the results of artistic research and experimentation when they crossover into the materialistic ontologies elaborated by the institutional regimes of cognitive psychology and neuroscience: a deterritoiralization of neuroscience or an emancipatory materialism driven by artistic values? A materialism not just of the world picture but the brain/mind as well.
Neidich will begin his lectures sighting works from 1997–2003 entitled Hybrid Dialectics in which he superimposed diagnostic apparatuses used in Neuro-ophthalmology, that branch of ophthalmology which is concerned with how disabilities of the brain like strokes cause disabilities of ocular function, with those used to make videos and photographs. The site of their lack of superimposition and alienation is the space in which images emerges. Thereafter he will discuss his later interdisciplinary works from 2009–2014 entitled The Berlin Works which use artistic techniques to investigate spheres of knowledge like multiplicitous color appreciation, the phenomena of the representation of wrong rainbows in landscape paintings, the mind’s eye as the new site of normalization in cognitive capitalism and finally noise performance as a generator of diverse cultural ecologies.

Warren Neidich is a Berlin and Los Angeles based post-conceptual artist and theorist  who explores the interfaces between cultural production especially as it responds to art and architecture, brain research and cognitive capitalism to produce an Emancipatory Materialism. His interdisciplinary works combines photographic, video, internet downloads, scotch tape  and noise installations.