Changing Worlds conference report

The Green Storm project was selected to be presented at the  Changing Worlds Conference at the University of Vienna in late November 2014. The project was part of the Biosphere n+1 event as a result of the collaboration between the dokNE PhD program and the Art & Science master program.
'The Green Storm' was an interactive performance in which a fictional emergency situation takes place and viewers are put into the position of world leaders; tackling difficult decisions to determine the fate of the world. The talk at the conference gave a broad overview ab​out the performance and wanted to shed some light on merging art and science, and the reasons behind the setup of the performance.
The conference, organised by the Science and Technology Studies Master program, hosted multiple lectures and panel discussions, as well as social activities and invited mostly young academics, but also artists and activists, to “share findings, thoughts and ideas about the ideologies, utopias and ambitions that permeate today’s science, technology and society”. Some of the main topics of the event were gender aspects in science, normativity in science, and trans- and interdisciplinarity.