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Adrijan Karavdic (born in Belgrade, SFRY in 1989) is a researcher at the University of applied arts in Vienna. He received his MA at the same university in 2016 (Art & Science) and holds a Diploma in graphic design from the Faculty of arts and Design in Belgrade.

While studying in Belgrade, he co-founded the design collective "Autosugestija" working on various design & visualisation projects. Parallel to this, he developed a strong interest towards art and research, which lead him to continue his studies in Vienna. As a researcher, he works on the project Control Room where he investigates and develops possibilities on future controlling environments , by combining design practices and up-to-date technology he is trying to fill in the gaps between various engineering disciplines. His current artistic interest is a connection between economy; automatisation and the relation of the two with the topic of accelerationism.

In 2013, Adrijan won the best prize for short animation in Subotica (Serbia), and in 2016 he was awarded in London (UK) for his research and visualisation on the topic of "Future of money: Origins of money" .




Adrijan Karavdic

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