About - Karmen Franinovi?

Karmen Franinovic works on the crossroads between design, architecture, art and science. Her research gravitates around the areas of responsive architectures and sonic interaction, focusing on tangible interfaces that engage bodily knowledge. Research topics include hand-made active materials, design methodologies, participation and enactive experiences, and result in projects ranging from wearable interfaces motivating stroke rehabilitation and robotic objects for children to interactive light installations and responsive urban environments. By introducing interactive technologies into physical architecture and public space, Karmen’s works aim to raise awareness of the surroundings and its diverse ecologies and to stimulate social interaction, exploration and creativity within everyday contexts. Karmen is the head of the Interaction Design group at Zurich University of the Arts and the co-founder of Zero-Th Association. Previously, she worked as an architect on large scale public buildings with AltenArchitekten (Berlin) and ArchA studio (Torino). Her projects have been presented at and commissioned by Ircam/Centre Pompidou (Paris), SF Camerawork (San Francisco), Miami Bienal, MoMA Ljubljana, DEAF (Rotterdam), The Junction (Cambridge), Fondazione Sandretto (Torino), Fondation Verdan (Lausanne) and others. Karmen holds the Laurea degree with honours in architecture (IUAV, Venezia), the Master's degree in interaction design (IDII, Ivrea) and the Doctoral degree in Art and Media (University of Plymouth).



Karmen Franinovi?