About - Anna Sophie Santner


# Born 1987 in Weiz, Austria

# Bachelor in “Environmental Anthropology” (University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna) 

# Master in “Art&Science” (University of Applied Arts, Vienna)

# Exchange semester in “Art and Public Space” (National Academy of the Arts, Oslo) 



# Impact of climate change on Forestry Insects

# "Two systems - one world” - Interaction of family structure and farm system


Art&Science projects

# Human-Nature Relationships (Sculptures, 2014, Vienna)

# De*stress (Soother-dress, 2014, Vienna)

# Acquaintance with Anna Santner (Video, 2014, Vienna)

# Obsession (Audio play, 2014, Vienna)

# Why Art? (Narrations&Drawings, 2015, Oslo)


Master Thesis

# 0-99, The Ageing Game (Board Game&Oil Paintings, 2016, Vienna)


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Anna Sophie Santner