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Mag.arch. Juliana Herrero

Studied at INSA (Instituto Superior de Artes) General Roca R.N. and graduated from architecture at UBA, University of Buenos Aires. In 2004 she completed her postgraduate studies in Conceptual Design, class of Prof. Ben van Berkel, at Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main, joining later the Film class lead by Prof. Mark Leckey. Parallel to her artistic practice she is involved in education. Between 2010-2014 she was an academic assistant at the Art & Science department, University of Applied Arts, Vienna. She is currently active in the teaching activities at the space&designstrategies department of the University of Arts and Industrial Design in Linz.

In her work, Juliana Herrero is interested in the subtle limits of “inner” and “outer” worlds, questioning the meaning of reality. She is focused on the continuous change, mostly connected to life, nature and its perception. Her work comes from a spatial sensibility and unfolds in an interdisciplinary field, crystalizing mostly in installations, sculptures and media works as fictional realities.

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Juliana Herrero