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Michal Marencik, born 1980 in Saklica. Studied video-multimedia-performance at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno.

EXISTENCE AS A SIMPLE TONE - Approach to describe existence as a tone. Each grave as a graphical note, with pitch ,time and subharmonic frequencies controlled by shape detection engine and cemetery data. Tones will represent died people, system will focus on relation between human remains, concretely their new occupancies and their representation as music.

Albumin Rex - Albumin rex is human pose, also a thought that resist the time, a toy and a "living thing" too, due to its generative processes. It is a fossil in a shape of 32Kb animation, time compressed in its coded form and also a blind wittness that tels the story of Melviles Moby Dick. The horse tail head with screen that contains animation about life that talk, generates and ends in pose, too. Text from the animation : "D'YE SEE HIM?"; "AHAB'!!" "KILL THE MOBY DICK" "WHITE WHALE" "BEAST" "WATER!!" "WHO ARE YOU ALBUMIN REX?" "I AM THE WATER CARRIER KING" "KILL AHAB!" "LEVIATHAN MUST SURVIVE"



Michal Marencik



“Cage (Natural studies) 2020” by Michal Marencik