About - Sergio Valenzuela

Sergio Valenzuela, born 1978 in Chile.

Currently, he is working on his PhD in Philosophy at the Angewandte under the supervision of Univ.-Prof. Virgil Widrich. Working title: Blind dates, how to approach collaboration in art.

1998 - 2002 Fine Arts at the University of Chile.
2002 - 2005 Professional Stage Design at the University of Chile.
2003 -2009 Workshops and seminaries in contemporary dance and dramaturgy

Designer of the Country space in Prague Quadrienalle PQ 2003. Industry Palace. Czech Republic.
Winner of the National Dramaturgy competition in 2005.
Organizer of ACT0, transdisciplinary gathering for artists and theorist. 2009 - 2011.
Director from FIDET Performing arts and trasndiscipline international Festival 2012.
Professor in Art Directing, Visualisation and Composition in Performing arts and Design at the Mayor University, University of Chile, ARCOS and UNIACC in Chile. 2007 -2012
Winner of CONICYT 2012. Scholarship

“The meaning of the useless”. Essay in book. 2009
"Details of some exhibitionism" Essay in book.
"The paralel storie. The stage designer as a narrator within the Mise-en-scène". Book. 2011.
“AACT, going to the transdisciplinary action art”. Article in magazine. 2010
"Effect/Affect. A new model to analyse the action art". Article in magazine. 2012
"Science and Fiction" Article in magazine. 2012

Selected works
2005 “747”. Collaborative creation with Emilio Sepúlveda. Director.
Theater play. Facetas theater. Chile.
2006 “Callejera Versión”. Director and Choreographer. Contemporary dance piece. Site specif. 5 roofs  buildings. Chile
2007 “La2dapalabra”. Director and Choreographer. Contemporary dance piece. M100. Cultural Center. Chile
2007  “Bitácora”. Performance and Video Installation. M100. Cultural Center. Chile
2008 “Installed woman” Director and Choreographer. Contemporary dance piece. VIMA museum of history. Chile
2008 “Affect”. Collaborative creation with Nicolás Cottet. Performance. Tudor GAllery. Chile.
2009  “This is not a classic”. Performance. Subte gallery. Uruguay. CCRecoleta. Argentina. Usina das artes. Brasil
2009  “Instructive”. Performance and Video installation. M100. Cultural Center.
2009 “Executing”. Collaborative creation with Javiera Peón – Veiga. Duet. Contemporary dance piece.
2010  “The emperor of loss”. Director. Theater play. Finis Terrae theater. Chile. FIDCU Festival - 2012. Uruguay
2010  “Mal -adaptation”. Collaborative creation with Jaime Del Val. Performance. MAC. Contemporary Art museum of Chile.
2010 “Born to be exposed”. Performance and video installation. M100. Cultural Center.
2011 “3 dimensions of a solo”. Director and Choreographer. Contemporary dance piece. Agustin Sire theater.
2011 "Formal Hurricane". Performance and video installation in collaboration with Felipe Luck. CCE. Cultural center of Spain. Chile.
2012 "Renaissance" Collaborative creation with Katalina Mella. Main Opera theater. Chile.
2012 "Ever" Performance. Nada lokal. Austria.
2012 "Nippel". Performance. Innovation preis. Austria.



Sergio Valenzuela