About - Sergio Valenzuela

Sergio concluded his PhD in Philosophy on 12 February 2021 with the defensio of his dissertation Connection-Ship at the Angewandte under the supervision of Univ.-Prof. Virgil Widrich.


Sergi@ Patrici@ is a time - based media artist (performance and video-installation), art researcher and creative persona. To talk about his work it becomes necessary to look at the fragile border between time/space and beholders; this is the spot where his particular artwork sets the goal to explore and create. The main questions of his practice revolve around the concept of time - either as waste, useless device or activator of the here and now. These nuances are framed in a diversity of actions involved in the body-space-time network, attracting and affecting multiple potentialities of real-time creation.

Sergio Patricio (Valenzuela Valdés) born in Santiago de Chile. Has a degree in Fine arts 2002 and Stage designer 2005. MA - Master in Art & Science (June 2014) and Doctor in Philosophy, art research and cultural studies from the University of Applied Arts Vienna - Die Angewandte.

Designer of Chilean Stand in PQ´03 Prague Quadrennial in Czech Republic. Granted by Playwright awards 2005 in Chile. He produced FIDET- Festival of Performing arts and transdiscipline in Chile (sponsored by IBERESCENA 2011- Spain). Winner of CONICYT - Science and technology Chilean scholarship in 2012 and 2015. Funded by FONDART -Chile many times from 2006-2020. Has been Professor of University of Chile, U Mayor and UNIACC universities since 2007- 2014 in contemporary arts methods, mentoring thesis, performing arts, stage design and art directing. Has been doing conferences, workshops and lectures as: "Invisible things" - ELIA, "Dancing with Sergio" - Die Angewandte Kunst Wien, "Creative Memories" - Science Summer School Uni Wien, "Isolated Attractors" - Taboo Conference 2020- Vienna.



Sergio Valenzuela