A Stein

“The day passes by schneller in other rooms”.
Robert speaks from Saal II, department of mineralogy. Time lapse stalactites is printed on a ciel-coloured hanging panel. Once again, “BLUE” is sighed. It happened after day 6, scientific patience watching the eventual case, the faithfulness of a sapphire consumed under the sky. A sky. You may look for a painted fake open air in other departments and Säle.
Not here, you have entered a mine, a desert where everything must endure again. “And these... people aren’t that interested...”, Robert goes on, approaching the vitrines. “What are these?” is asked, as distracted, not recognising the wonder. “Just another... A Stein...”
– Rock, once captured by the archivist at the high plateau of the central area.


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A Stein
November 14, 2011