(C) 2015 Denise Schellmann. Photograph: Solmaz Farhang

Accumulation of Expert Information In the Anonymous Forest of Instructive Overflow

Denise Schellmann

Do you feel informed? Do you feel better now? Do you feel lost in an overflow? Is there an entrance? Where is the exit? Is there a clearing? Do you see the colour? Who designed the beautiful flower? Who wants to inform? Who needs to be informed? Who is the author? Who is the reader? How to define an expert? Is it an expertise? Who is cooperating? Who is asked to cooperate? Are there emotions? Where is the empathy? Do they care about how you feel? Is it all about legal protection? What is the content? Who is the eponym? Who is responsible? Do you see the face? Who are the characters? What is the character’s intention? What is the character’s function? Where does the path guide us to? Did you see the warning sign? Who is warning? Who is to be warned? Who wants to protect? Who needs to be protected? Do you feel safe now? What is your license number? Who is hiding behind the tree? Do you feel instructed by the instruction of the instruction? Who is the instructor? Who is the distributor? Who is distributed? What is distributed? How to fold a piece of paper? Who invented origami? Is it the cure? Who creates the dimension? How much space is available? Is this a text? Is it a command? Is it a request? Is it a demand? Or is it an advice? Who can be asked? Who is to be obeyed? Do you like the spelling style? Is there a benefit? Is there a symbol? Does it need a recognition value? Is it a gift? Is there a trend? Is it a must have? What kind of relationship is it? Who is related? How many words are needed for a maximum of information? Does that make sense? Please consult your doctor or pharmacist about any risks and side effects!

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Accumulation of Expert Information In the Anonymous Forest of Instructive Overflow
May 26, 2015