Acoustic Cloud Remix

Vienna Fair 2011

3mm wood and 30mm acoustic foam, tape, ropes, thin columns, mirror foil, speakers, soundtrack.


This work represented the Art & Science department of the University of Applied Arts at the Vienna Fair 2011.


“The visual imaginary space in which an exploded view is made possible is infinitely distant from the way any VW Beetle inhabits the world ? or, rather, the cosmos. In other words, whereas res extensa is a way to draw technical parts side by side, those parts themselves do not assemble or gather or survive as if they were “in” res extensa or “made of ” matter.” 1


The space is a cloud... Conceived as a spatial installation, this work approaches nature and its enclosure as an artefact to be explored. Playing with the idea of reality and illusion, the acoustic cloud, unfolds now into an endless sound scape, turned upside down, mirroring and echoing mixed realities.

The sound track consists of a composite mixture of recordings of the street combined with other natural and artificial sounds re-enacting them in a new context.

The conceptual approach of this project has a physical and mathematical background influenced by the mathematicians Günter Wallner and Franz Gruber, who developed a system based on a forced-directed algorithm that allows to interactively design and subdivide flexible triangular surfaces, allowing to simulate systems “reacting” to different forces, like a spring. The design methods and tools that are part of the framework of the project consider the use and misuse of techniques, bringing new “constructions".


1 Bruno Latour, “Can We Get Our Materialism Back, Please?” in: Isis 98, 2007, p.140, online source.


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Acoustic Cloud Remix
May 12, 2011
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