Approaching Climate Changes

Joan Carles Ballesté presented his individual research at Biozentrum and a group project (Joan Carles Ballesté, Solmaz Farhang, Sebastian Kienzl, Stefanie Koemeda) and in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Tom Battin. This last project is related to the Crucial Experiments, in context of the Artweek.


His individual research includes the study of stochastic systems and tessellation in nature as well as the review of determinant experiments in the field of Ecology.


The group project approaches geo-engineering within a series of interventions to cope with climate change. While geo-engineering interventions are usually applied to a large scale, big extensions of land or ocean, this project operates on the local or rather intimate scale. Some of the proposals deal with albedo increasing direct ocean fertilization, and enhanced weathering.



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Approaching Climate Changes
June 27, 2013