(C) 2015 Michaela Putz

Being a Patient Means Being Patient

This work deals with questions related to waiting in a medical context as it seems that the life as a patient is all about waiting; patients wait in queues when they enter a doctor’s office or ambulance. They are asked to be seated in the waiting room. They wait to be called in, they wait for a bed, for a diagnosis, for laboratory findings, for medical imaging, for examinations, for a bed, for operations and – finally – to get healthy again.

Waiting is easier when we are sure that the anticipated goal is being reached at a special time; not knowing when the event is going to happen leads to stress symptoms because of insecurity. Collected quotes on the urging issues about waiting were written on index cards and are now hanging on strings. While waiting, we have to subordinate to a stranger’s time scheme to be able to achieve the anticipated goal.

In cooperation with the AKH. 

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Being a Patient Means Being Patient
January 27, 2015