Anna Frida Jónsdóttir, 2011 (c)

Cirripedia Ganeum

Portable world problem solving kit
Dr. Margaret Windlbau’s compact problem solving kit containing her newly discovered species of plastic eating baranacles. The species she called Cirripedia Ganeum refering to it’s gluttonous eating and it’s abilities to rid human kind of it’s over indulgent waste.The species is thought to be the cause of a Bisphenol A, synthetic estrogen, leakage from plastics into colonies of barnacles, living on plastic debris. Their origin is still under dispute since they are either considered to be a mutated species of barnacles that have managed to adapt to their environment or somesort of man made invention deriving from the plastic eating bacteria, invented in 2009 by the 16 year old student Daniel Burd.


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Cirripedia Ganeum
November 14, 2011