(C) 2015 Adrijan Karavdi?, Photograph: Solmaz Farhang


Adrijan Karavdi
Interactive Installation

Hoarding and accumulation are considered a problem in a society striving for cleaner lifestyles. We look for minimalist environments as only the very rich live in empty houses. Purity is a status symbol, decluttering is an aspirational goal. As consumerism gets more sophisticated, non-consumerism becomes marketable.

Clutter-off is an analogue calculator. It takes the form of a volvelle, a slide chart, constructed of paper, which can be consulted in any occasion. It is the perfect solution when it comes to decluttering, sorting out objects, cataloguing stuff and ultimately getting rid of one’s personal junk. It transforms decluttering into a pleasurable experience. Just check the chart and decide.

Fact Box

May 26, 2015