Ecology, field experiments

Joan Carles Ballesté presented the conclusions of first semester project Wasserkluster 1.4 and current research in the context of “crucial experiments” in the field of Ecology.
After some meetings with the collaboration partners at Biozentrum, Tom Battin introduced some representative experiments in the field of ecology, that could lead to some paradigm shift in the field and could have a repercussion in our society. Some of the topics of these crucial experiments are related to: a) new insights for setting up “live” experiments in miicrobiology; b) new approaches for the reformulation of primary kingdoms of living beings, considering molecular and evolutionary genetics; c) important and limiting nutrients in ecosystems and impact of human pollution on the environment; d) geo-engineering as a palliative method for decreasing supposed human effects on the climate change.



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Ecology, field experiments
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April 25, 2013