Excursion to Lunz am See

In the beginning of winter Joan Carles Ballesté Coma and Sebastian Kienzl accompanied Amber J. Ulseth and Nancy Burns from the Department of Limnology of the University of Vienna to the Wasserkluster Lunz, a research facility in Lunz am See. The reason for the visit was to examine and discuss research practices and experimental setups in situ.


At the time, a large-scale observation was started in the region around Lunz in order to monitor factors of biofilm growth (temperature, dissolved oxygen and sunlight exposure) in multiple rivers and streams. From this data, the researchers at the Department of Limnology hope to better understand the connections between the river flow and its effects on the growth and activity of microbial communities.


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Excursion to Lunz am See
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January 10, 2013