Sergio Valenzuela, 2012 (c)

fake equations

Sergio Valenzuela discussed the connection of his research project to the field of quantum physics with Robert Bucker. As a result, fake equations and graphic visualizations will help to explain the topics 'Effect vs. Affect' in correspondence with the 'Strange Attractor Factor'. This factor became the analysis model to observe and understand the experience of action art. The film 'The Artist is Present' by Marina Abramovic, will be used to discuss the notion of temporal experience in performance.
The aforementioned 'fake' equations and graphic visualizations have been inspired by the following books: De Broglie, Louis (1953) "The revolution in Physics, a Non/Mathematical survey of quanta", Williams, Garnett P (1997) "Chaos theory tamed" and Dewey, John (1934) "Art as experience". Sergio will compare these texts to create visual references for a new proposal to analyse the experience of time in performances for the audience. He will attempt to unravel a network of topics within this setting in order to establish new audience-based experiments and further appointments with his co-operation partner Robert Bucker.


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fake equations
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December 12, 2012