A hovering device for image projection

A hovering device for image projection is a new way of projecting images and sounds. I imagine this apparatus as an entity, at its first step of existence, and further, as a new multimedia platform that can follow us as a robotized interface. It consists of the following components: 
- Translucent latex/rubber/foil balloon of about 1,5-2 m diameter – inflated with helium
- Attached system of projection – pocket projector 
- Proximity and face recognition sensors 
- Mini camera for the face recognition system 
- Controller – Arduino board 
- Wi-Fi transmitter receiver - Sound speakers
- Engine(s) with propeller
- Outside computer to communicate with


Altogether, the technical means and the artistic message, considering the Hoverograph a functional entity, it intends to be an interactive installation between artist and viewer. Using the Arduino board, the sensors will measure the distance to different objects. If the Hoverograph is too close, the board will command the engine to start and it will conduct the apparatus in another direction. Ideally the normal state of the Hoverograph would be complete balance with the weight and the lifting power of helium. Another interesting and as well scary aspect, would be the interaction with the visitors. If there is a positive signal from the face recognition system, the Hoverograph will float in the proximity of this person, and depending on the imagination of the artist, it could interact with this person. Reaction-interaction could also be enriched with sound.


Iulian Moise


Fact Box

March 01, 2012