(C) 2015 Nemanja Popadi?. Photograph: Solmaz Farhang

In situ.

Nemanja Popadi
Installation (2 simultaneous video projections - 4min 20sec each, 9 ceramic sculptures - various sizes, 9 pedestals - various sizes, wood / glass, Sound background by Danijela Risti)

Placing an object into the space means displacing something else.
In cyberspace objects become conceptual, virtual and alternative bodies, which operate as a trace and representation of their physical counterparts. Simultaneously presented in both, the physical and virtual realm, these objects can be seen as peculiar plant specimens, petrified bodies, something related both to fiction and decay. Tracing their modelling process virtually as well as physically underpins the knowledge given to us by senses. Seeing is not disembodied. Seeing is feeling.
The various layers of the installation blur the boundaries between ”imagination” and ”reality”. While in the projections the objects move and interact in a desperate attempt to eliminate their ”double”, their embodied ”siblings” remain motionless where inertia brings them ever closer to the world of the immaterial. The two realms and their paradoxical intersections render the entire installation abject, shaping it in a vague form of a garden, cutting through the landscape of an uncanny locus amoenus – pleasant and monstrous at the same time. The spectator approaching it as close as possible is incapsulated by an envelope of sensorial impressions, which pose themselves as a gateway to Otherness.

”Whereof we cannot speak thereof we must be silent.”

Fact Box

In situ.
May 26, 2015