(C) 2014 Joan Carles Ballesté

Kunstformen der Natur 2014

Joan Carles Ballesté

In this screen-printing work (edition of 10-prints), the power of symmetry and pattern-repetition are used to bring back some figures taken from Ernst Heackel’s famous work “Kunstformen der Natur” (1904). A kaleidoscope-like composition of bats, originally drawn by Haeckel (known as Chiroptera in Kunstformen der Natur), is printed with silkscreens on red paper in various vibrant colours. This technique provides a very visually appealing and powerful image, more likely to be seen as popular science rather than being a faithful reproduction of any sort of bat. The current work focuses on the subjective way of understanding nature, the way we choose to depict nature visually, and the social impact of the new icons created. This project is re-opening again, in sum, the controversial issue about what is a worthy representation of nature. 

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Kunstformen der Natur 2014
January 30, 2014