machine, creation, belief

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"Our experience changes in time - we are forgetting. As we are forgetting our personal experience becomes mystery. Loss of personal being becomes belief. So in this way belief is always something more then personal - returned into unknown, to an enviorment, to what we don't knew that we knew. Slowly in our sourunddings we are finding what was lost and forgotten. A self-recolletion made of desired parts found in an enviorment. Following own desires (waiting for what Comes). In the end it is a practice of Erfahrung - time based self-construction. It is a question: is it linear(narration) or a relational structure (comparsion of elements on the surface). A question of methods of relating a work of art to time.
This drives on the one hand to tradition of collage, assamblage, dialectical image of history and on the other hand to the classical narrative strategies, storytelling etc. Most interesting question is of course: is there any third possibility?  Mateusz Kula
The work is built out of sketches, smaller works, iconography of traces and models of works to be made in the next steps of the production process. On this stage the work functions as map for future investigations in the detailed motives and traces found during the research. The method used to create this work is spread between linguistic analysis and analysis of the visual iconography. The next step would be performative activities that emerged out of these two modes of analysis. The formal aim of this work is to connect linguistic analysis (order of logos), visual analysis (order of sensibile) with performative investigations (evental order).


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machine, creation, belief
January 24, 2012