Artwork: Anna Frater and Manuel Stark, 2011 (c)


The starting point of our Project was the Zoo, where we decided that we want to discover what it‘s like to be an animal inside a cage surrounded by starring people.

While we did the research and our project developed a few steps further, we realized that it was more about humans then animals. We decided that the best way for us to discover how people react inside and outside this vulnerable situation is to try it out on ourselves.

We planned and built a 1.5m long 1m wide and 1m high cage, which should be: see through, transportable, lockable, solid, stable, and as narrow as possible for 2 people inside. Because of these aspects we decided on the actual size and to build it out of Plexiglas.

After we built the cage we took it to several public places like the Stadtpark or into the middle of a traffic island on a crowded street. With moving the cage to different places, we could change our surrounding and the people surrounding us and therefore the context and the meaning behind being caged in (not only in a physical way), changed.


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June 21, 2011
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