Artwork and Image: Martin Grödl, Leon Ploszczanski, Sabina Teichert, Beniamin Urbanek, 2011 (c)

Manual für Fliegenklatschen

This work examines modes of understanding and modelling complex ontological patchworks comprised of multiple human and non-human entities. Starting point was African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness) and the issue surrounding it. Field work was done at the IAEA Laboratories Seibersdorf where protocols are developed to sterilize large quantities of male Tse-Tse Flies (Glossina) using radiation. Twenty specimens were received, fed with blood and subsequently gold-plated and scutinized using scanning electron microscopy. A patent for a novel way of squatting flies was developed. In the concluding event a software simulation encapsulating the human view of Glossinas was presented. A video of the field work was shown and finally the prototype fly-squatters could be tested in an interactive installation.


"The word, insofar it shall signify actions, (resembles) a flyswatter, that never hits. [Mann 1967:47] We are thinking about eugenic collateral damage: minor and major adversities happen. "Wan ma nimma ausse kumma hau ma eana ane drauf wan ma nimma ausse kumma hau ma eana ane drauf. " How to behave with outlier? The flyswatter - object of last resort, the flyswatter as metapher.





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Manual für Fliegenklatschen
June 21, 2011