Projekt Metatron

work in progress

Metatron is a compound of scientific and artistic projects dealing with infrasound and resonance phenomena and it has two main goals: The occurrence of infrasound and low frequency (LF) waves should be made perceivable and the effects of infrasound and low frequency waves to human body and mind should be investigated.
The first sub-project, “Projekt 1 - Die erste Posaune” is based on the Book of Revelation of Saint John, which is the last book of the New Testament. It contains the seven seals. Each proclaims horrible prophecies for the earth. The seventh seal reports about the seven trumpets that correspond to seven plagues. Each time a trumpet is heard, a plague overwhelms the earth. The first trumpet symbolizes hail and fire mixed with blood, that burns one third of the earth, one third of all trees and all green grass. 2012 seems to be perfect for apocalyptic messages.


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Projekt Metatron
January 24, 2012