Our world, our environment is normalized. We are acting from one little square to the next one. Norms are not rules, they are not binding, they are just guidelines, principles, but still determining our lives more than rules. They are silent, they are dynamic! and sadly we enforce ourselves to most of them. Of course they are helpful and constructed to make our lives easier. But honestly, it is not that easy to find the correct screw for fixing the wheel again! To invent it, was an achievement but nowadays, does it have to be that complicated to fix it again? Is it the excessive overload of little helpers, which are offered us from all sides? Everybody seems to be so kind to us and hand us special plugs for each device but still just the correct one is fitting and do not mix it up with another company ones! But still they are helpful! Most of them are global to make the economy work and let them act global, and do not forget they are political!
But still, do they not restrict us by just thinking about them?


Image: Stephen Willats, Homeostat Drawing 1969, pencil on paper


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March 01, 2012