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Publicatio Quota

The module "Publication Quota" took place at the BIOSPHERE n+1 event on the 23rd of June. It offered the symposium audience the possibility to apply well established market-based approaches to achieve reductions in CO2 emissions to other sectors where exponential growth is taking place: scientific publishing and artwork production. Here you can see what the outcomes of the discussion session were and the proposed criteria to limit the volume and increase the efficiency of scientific publishing and artwork production.

Ana Daldon, Adrijan Karavdic, Andreas Muhar, Resty Naiga, Virgil Widrich, Christoph Winckler.

Guests involved:

Josef Glössl (Vice Rector for Research, BOKU), Katharina Gugerell (University of Groningen) Rodrigo Lozano (Corporate Sustainability, Utrecht University), Kumela Nedessa (BOKU), Martin Reinhart (Artist), Werner Schneider (BOKU), Patricia Stokowski (University of Vermont).

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Publicatio Quota
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June 23, 2014