Foil, quartz sand, Teflon, aluminium foil, water
22 x 18 x 16 cm
 I walked through the halls of the museum and saw this glowing, fiery thing. It entranced me. I had to possess it! What led to its genesis can be described as the need for a solution for the conflict between the experience of a deficit and the desire to resolve this deficit. The “solution” came forth from the obsession, from the powerlessness of not having the required means on hand. This led to a translation with the help of available means. (Important: work in different materials, which contain the chemical elements Al, Si, O, H, and F, into the fundamental structure of the object, the scaled elemental cells of the topaz!) – L. P., journal entry from 23 April 1999, included in the collection in 2004


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December 14, 2011