(C) 2015 Matilde Igual Capdevila. Photograph: Solmaz Farhang


Matilde Igual Capdevila
Installation, print, slideshow

“The map reflects the mapmaker”

Selfology begins as an attempt to produce an atlas of the self.
Here the map is not only a reflection but a representation of the mapmaker herself.

Selfology intends to explore, understand and enhance the map-maker through the datafictaion of her daily activities, routines, moods and efficiency levels. By using several self-tracking applica-tions freely available on the market, information is gathered over several months on a mobile device.

Selfology explores the possibilities of apps for creating objective representations of ourselves. Can these tools allow us to become experts of our bodies and minds? And what then? What lies behind the promises of happiness and healthy living the quantified-self movement offers?

Selfology proposes ultimately a physically built space, an expe-riment in translating the mapmaker’s virtual realm as a self-tracker, a control room of the self, an analog rendering of the digital spaces of self-absorption.

The room, in its elements, materials and general layout combines different impressions: the health imperative, the coziness of an idealised private sphere, the appeal of photogenic interiors, the mild isolation, the everyday boredom and the childish flair of tents. A temple for self-improvement and for the joy of discove-ring patterns.

Fact Box

May 26, 2015