Sound of Extinct and/or Endangered Species of Technology

A pair of headphones


Humans are using tools and technology since the dawn of our species. There are tools which  for many years, were loyal technological companions  for humans. Now, some of them are extinct, some still working, but for a very exclusive purpose, some of them being part of collections or museums. Their sounds were filling up another space  - the audible space that  surrounds us. Desk telephones, MF telephones key sounds, or telephone bells, fax machines, telegraph’s Morse code, musical machines of former centuries, typewriters, steam engines, and even historical TV broadcasts are now almost lost.
The Friends of the Natural History Cabinet Association are happy to present for the first time a compilation, where these loyal witnesses of human evolution are now together, playing a song - „Cheek to Cheek“, made famous by the unforgettable Fred Astaire whose father loved to spend time in the Museum of Natural History in Vienna.


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Sound of Extinct and/or Endangered Species of Technology
December 14, 2011