Michaela Grass, 2013 (c)


Work in Process

The idea behind it:


How do people interact with the table and what do they do with the previously settled things? 

Do they see the table as a toy or as a tool to build something? Do they work with other people together?

Would it be a process in the end even if people do not know each other?


In former times the Danube River served for several uses such as drinking water, navigation, energy, etc.


The tasks:


-Collective ideas shall influence the rivers floating

-Build settlements as close as possible to the river

- Build a landscape and a beautiful course of the river

- Use dams and barriers and the sand on the table as well

- Put houses on the table

- Act carefully, because everything you do is irreversible

- Already set things (previously) are fixed

- Add, construct, play

- When “your” landscape is finally set, let the water run and see what happens.


The questions:


Are still safe people and infrastructure, facilities and nature?

Are the dams and barriers still watertight?


The outcome:


Everyone created their one scene and the process showed discontinuity.

At the end, everything was gone.

Stones, shovels, houses and the no river was flowing anymore. That was the end


To me, the process showed what I supposed.

The stream table got misused!

Michaela Grass


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March 27, 2013