By transforming the studio into a performative setting I was experimenting on participatory storytelling. People were asked to sit down at the table and to discover five objects, related to the various procedures within my research. The first one was a book, researching on the „wind-horse project“, an integrative project in the field of mental healthcare that is connected to the reintegration of “Takhi”, the Przewalsky Horse. It followed “Screening Screaming”, the video documentation of „the library of screams“, reflecting on the gathering of „raw human material“ by creating artificial settings. This lead the discussion to nonverbal communication and to the third object – my afro-plant, which is under video-observation. An iPod, the fourth object, was playing the audio documentation of a previous spoken word performance, relinking to the stage and the collaborative potential between visual art and spoken word. Finally, the last one, a chocolate cake, was discovered, standing for the sharing of experiences with the audience... and asked to be eaten!

Maria C. Hilber


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May 27, 2013